Bogoda Bridge

This bridge provides access to the Bogoda temple situated about two miles to the west of  the Jagulla Junction on the road to Galauda from Haliela  in the Badulla District of  the Uva Province. This bridge made of timber depicting Kandyan architcture is  built over the Gallanda Oya. It appears that the bridge had been built to facilitate the devotees from the village on  the mountain  top crossing the treacherous Gallanda Oya to pay homage to the temple. On either side of the bridge are hand rails with  machined balustrades. A canopy is built over the bridge supported on 20 columns, 10 on each side. The bridge is 50 feet long, 6 feet wide and has a head clearance of 8 feet. This unique ancient piece of construction found in the Uva Province is commonly referred to as the “Ambalam Bridge” which means Wayside Rest Bridge.

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The Nine Arch Bridge

The Nine Arch Bridge in Ella is on the Demodara loop and spans 91 meters at a height of 24m.

The beautiful nine arches make it a very picturesque spot especially as it is located in a dense jungle and agricultural setting. Behind the railway, a forest is booming and below, tea leaves are being cultivated.

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