Paasi Ella Water Fall

Aluthwela is a rural village; its an agricultural hub, with a dry zone climate and bordering the Bogahapelessa Forest Reserve, The Urumaya Paasi Ella community based Tourism Village is a project of the Travel and Tour Management students of the University College of Batangaia, Sri Lanka. Urumaya Community Based Tourism Village was established in 26th February 2018.

A main attraction of the Urumaya Paasi Ella Village is the Aluthwela village Paasi Ella Waterfall. It is located 5 kms away from the centre of the village. Bogahapelessa Forest Reserve is home to many endemic flora and fauna. In the reserve itself there are many hidden ancient ruined irrigation systems, and archaeological valued sites, Bogahapelessa Forest Reserve is home for herds of wild elephants, bears and deer.

Kuda Oya and Diyabethma Oya are the major streams which flow near Aluthgama village. Safe river bathing and day and night fishing in these streams are major events. The streams are covered with two or three century old trees.
Paddy, vegetables and fruits are grown as major agricultural crops. Dry zone fruit such as wood apple, bell, weera, palu and himbutu can be seen everywhere. Buffalo curd is also abundantly produced in the village.
Cow cart rides are made available in the Urumaya Paasi Ella Community Based Tourism Village. Traditional village houses made out of clay with a traditional kitchen are an added beauty for the village.
The Paasi Ella waterfall, the Triple Angle waterfall and natural bathing pools are also found in the village. Authentic mouth-watering spicy foods are prepared and served at selected village houses.
The Paasi Ella Camp Resort is the base centre of the Urumaya Paasi Ella Community Based Tourism Village. Paasi Ella Camp Resort is the only accommodation centre available at the village. Paasi Ella Camp Resort Is a camp site with a restaurant.
Text Source : The Treasure Island Sri Lanka Magazine September - October 2018 Vol - 03 Issue 07
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