Devil’s Staircase

Around the world are several natural and man-made formations that have earned the name ‘the Devil’s Staircase’. Amongst them Sri Lanka has one of the most dangerous. This famous route is a 14km long trail of sharp zig-zag twists that are extremely steep and difficult, but quite thrilling to travel. The trail begins from the Horton Plains road in beautiful Ohiya and passes through tea estates to the region of Kalupahana on the A4 Main Road; or vice versa. You can also chose end the trail near Bambarakanda Falls; a kilometer or so before Kalupahana.
The Devil’s Staircase can be hiked or traversed by a 4WD vehicle as it is quite uneven in some places despite having a reasonable width. The route also features some breathtaking sceneries and other interesting things to see.
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